Brett Helquist’s illustrations for A Series of Unfortunate Events 

Cary Grant, 1930s.

Buddy Holly, 2014



Scenes from 1963 March on Washington. The march was documented by James Blue and restored by the US National Archives. The *entire film can be seen on the US National Archives Youtube Channel.

*The audio from 23:13 to 29:44 in this film has been redacted due to a copyright restriction by Dr. King’s family


Marchers declare their intention of withholding income tax designated for nuclear arms, 1940s.

New Girl, Best of Nick: 3x04 ‘The Captain’

Kennedy speaks before a crowd in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, October 29, 1960.

"En route from St. Louis to NYC, JFK sits on the Caroline, the private Convair CV-240 his father purchased for him for $270,000 (about $2.1 million in 2011 dollars) to conserve his energy during the campaign. ‘Jack could always sleep,’ said his wife. ‘He could sleep on the plane almost like a soldier.’”

Jacqueline Kennedy, then eight months pregnant, joined her husband in her last campaign appearance for a parade down lower Broadway in New York City, October 19, 1960, which Mayor Robert Wagner described as "the greatest reception anybody has ever received in this section of the city in its history."

"Aboard Kennedy Campaign Train in California, September 8, 1960."

Photo by Stanley Tretick

Kennedy greets supporters in East Los Angeles.

Characterized by President Eisenhower’s wife, Mamie, as “that woman,” Jackie faced criticisms for her bouffant hair and French fashions. But she told the historian Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., that her husband did not mind. 

"He wasn’t thinking of his image, or he would have made me get a little frizzy permanent and be like Pat Nixon."

JFK campaigns in Los Angeles, September 6, 1960.

John F. Kennedy and Caroline at Hyannis Port, November 9, 1960.